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YCC Member-to-Member Offers

Do you have a special offer that you would like to promote to other Your Connections Canada members?

This is available to our registered members only. Advertise here for FREE!

We invite each of our registered members to offer a special deal, promotion, or discount to other members of YCC. This is no extra cost to promote your offering on our website.

If you have a special member-to-member offer, please email us at info@yourconnectionscanada.ca to let us know and we will help spread the word for you!

In your email be sure to lay it out with the exact details that you would like shared here. Describe your offer in detail, including any limitations, and be sure to include a link or contact information on how our members can take advantage of the offering.

Let's get your business growing with the connections made here!

Member-to-Member Offers!

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