Your Quick Biz Tech Tip

Your Quick Biz Tech Tip

Google Alerts:

Keep Your Business Up to Speed

By Fran Kruse, Website & Blog Writer
Sidekick Creative Copywriting Services


Do you want to save a ton of time searching for new information on a specific topic or be notified whenever your brand gets mentioned on Google?

How would you like to stay current on competitors, influencers, interesting articles, videos, books, and even keywords?

Then you need the power of Google Alerts!

This free tool sends emails directly into your inbox, so you're always up-to-date on news and trends.

  1. Go into Google Alerts at
  2. Type in the topic you want to monitor (limit of 1,000 topics)
  3. Select options for various settings like daily/weekly alerts
  4. Other options include sources, language & frequency

The set-up is simple; you can always edit or delete the alerts by clicking the trash can.


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