Virtual Meeting Etiquette: Are You Putting Your Best Business Face Forward?


Virtual Meeting Etiquette:

Are You Putting Your Best Business Face Forward?

By Fran Kruse, Website & Blog Writer
Sidekick Creative Copywriting Services

Over the past several years, small business owners have learned how to network and conduct business over virtual platforms like Zoom. As a result, you've mastered online technology and are now a meeting rockstar.

But just like anything that becomes comfortable and familiar, you could hurt your brand and credibility if you relax your professional standards and ignore some basic rules of virtual business meeting etiquette.

Here are some simple virtual meeting reminders to help you make a good first impression every time.  


Look Like a Business Pro

If you met a potential client in person, you would want to present a well-groomed image — the same thing with virtual meetings.

Wear business casual attire that is clean and wrinkle-free. Gym clothes, pj's or bedhead hair may raise questions about the quality of your business.


Check Your Background

Wherever your office is located in your home, don't forget to double-check your background for people or items that may be personal, distracting or noisy.

Remember that meeting attendees are blinded and have difficulty seeing your face when there's bright sunlight streaming through a window behind you. 

You want the attendees' attention focused on you rather than a spouse in a wet towel or a pile of dirty laundry.


Adjust Your Camera Angle

The camera lens should be at your eye level, so the attendees feel you're talking directly to them.

Elevate your laptop or other devices using a stand or a stack of books. When your camera is positioned correctly, it prevents the up-the-nose camera angle. Let meeting members see your eyes and a smile, not the back of your nostrils.


Check Your On-Screen Name

How can the other meeting members remember your business if your screen name is Nancy's iPad or Boo-Boo Teddy Bear?

Offensive or ambiguous names may also hinder others from contacting you, following you on social media or referring their friends and family to your business.

It's a smart marketing strategy to go into your settings and add your business name.


More Virtual Meeting Etiquette Reminders

  • Arrive on time
  • Mute unless speaking
  • Allow others to talk
  • Stay on the topic
  • Silence your phone

    Promote and boost your business by renewing your commitment to follow and practice virtual meeting etiquette.


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