Small Business Owners: Get Training to Boost Your Competitive Edge

Small Business Owners: Get Training to Boost Your Competitive Edge

By Fran Kruse, Website & Blog Writer
Sidekick Creative Copywriting Services


Whether you’re just starting a business, have been operating for a few years or have a long-established enterprise, continuing to develop professionally produces far-reaching results for your business.

By accessing continuous education and training, you hone your knowledge, skills and ability to make strategic decisions that positively impact your operations, employees and customers.

There are many in-person, online and on-demand training opportunities in your local area and across Canada. Get help with business plan writing, business basics, government regulations, marketing, social media, technology, bookkeeping, human resources management and customer communication.

Entrepreneur Training Resources

The following are just some of the resources where you can access training:

Small Business Centers – e-learning courses for Ontario entrepreneurs 

Start-Up Canada – an online hub for tools, community and resources 

Futureprenuer – financing, mentoring and online library

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) – funding, advice and tons of free resources

Your Connections Canada – social media, business information, educational tips and support

Other Training Resources

For additional resources, training, accelerator and incubator hubs, check your local college or university, municipality and provincial governments, library, economic development centres, chamber of commerce and other industry and business networking groups.

There are plenty of free and fee-based services in every province. Remember to check with your bookkeeper or accountant to see if the fee-based training can be claimed as an educational expense.

Final Thoughts:

Life-long learning benefits everyone, but it’s vital for small business owners to continually improve their professional business skills to attract and retain their clients. 

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