Email Campaigns: Reconnect With Customers & Drive Spring Sales

Email Campaigns:

Reconnect With Customers & Drive Spring Sales

By Fran Kruse, Website & Blog Writer
Sidekick Creative Copywriting Services


Everything comes alive in spring. Just like the first bloom of purple and yellow crocuses, consumers are ready to burst into a fresh, new season.

Spring is the time to reconnect with your customers and market new promotions, products and services.

An email campaign is one of the best ways to grab and renew your customer's attention.

Here are three strategies to excite customers and market your spring products, services, discounts and specials.

Put a Fresh Spin on Spring

Customers are always looking for updates and information on what's new.

Highlight new items for the spring season. Tell them about the latest spring trends. Provide spring tips and hacks to help them look, feel and think fresh.

Use phrases like:

Spring essentials
Spring must-haves
Spring colours
Early spring style
Your taste of spring
Introducing the spring collection

Offer VIP Incentives

Encourage customers to shop early for exclusive savings and discounts
Offer coupons or free shipping
Upsell by creating bundles of related products
Feature the hot sellers this spring
Announce a limited supply of new arrivals
Promote shop more, save more discounts

Thank Loyal Customers

Recognize and thank your core of loyal customers
Invite them to a special loyal customer event
Give a branded swag bag of related freebies
Announce special shopping and nibblies events during off-hours
Offer new product samples and ask for their feedback
Extend the sale or discount special just for them

Final Thoughts:

Email campaigns in the spring and throughout the year are a great way to generate traffic to your website, stay top of mind with your customers and boost sales. 

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