5-Minute Keyword Research to Drive Traffic in 2023


5-Minute Keyword Research to Drive Traffic in 2023

By Fran Kruse, Website & Blog Writer
Sidekick Creative Copywriting Services


Keywords research helps you find the common words or phrases your target market uses to search for information about your business, products and services.

By conducting keyword research, you’ll better understand your audience and their needs and optimize your content and message to increase organic traffic to your website.

Three of the top keyword research tools are:

* Moz Keyword Explorer
* Google Ad Keyword Planner
* Wordstream Keyword Finder

But if you find these sites mind-boggling, try using a basic tool like Ahrefs Keyword Generator https://ahrefs.com/keyword-generator.

It’s easy to use!

For example, let’s say your target market is new moms. I typed in the phrase new moms, and the tool generated these phrases:
  • Best gifts for new moms
  • Advice for new moms
  • Freezer meals for new moms

      I entered the word newborns, and the Ahrefs tool gave me the following:

      • Toys for newborns
      • Best diapers for newborns
      • Dry skin on newborns


          Keywords in the titles and subtitles of your website and blogs help buyers find your products and services. 

          Using the right keywords will build your visibility, attract traffic and convert quality leads into sales.   


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